Engineering - 08 Oct 2021

Customer experience engineering

Any great business only exists because of its customers. Without our employers (customers), there is no business. Smart businesses are very customer-centric and Irembo is no exception.

Technology is the backbone of tech companies. Engineers form a major part of this workforce. Notably, all the work done at any company is always geared towards making their customer experience better.

Engineers at Irembo contribute to a better customer experience through some of the points highlighted below

??Personalized customer experience

At the center of the work we do, we always try to put ourselves in the customer?s shoes. We try to answer this key question with every product we work on; How would this feature/product positively improve people?s lives?. This question is hard to miss as it is embedded in the mission of Irembo as a company.

? Seek feedback

Irembo engineers take feedback very seriously. How would we know your pain points without your feedback? Recently, incorporated a feedback mechanism in the portal to allow us to know the best ways to improve customer experience.

?? Tooling

We embrace and use the best tools to produce high quality work. This is very evident in our delivery as a team.

?? Continuous improvement

Anyone who has ever used Irembo would agree that there is a conscious deliberate effort to constantly improve our customers’ experience. The improved system stability and the reformed drivers’ licence registration are just a few examples that illustrate this.

At Irembo, Engineers ***”do more work to make our customers do less work”***.

By Eze

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