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Building great products that meaningfully improve people’s lives

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About us

Irembo is a technology company founded in Kigali in 2014 to make Rwanda a digital society. In July 2015, we launched our first product in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, IremboGov.

As a Digital Services Partner of the Rwandan Government, we deliver services and innovative digital solutions that enable public agencies to process millions in revenue digitally and help citizens access public services efficiently.

Today, we are expanding our product offerings to allow any organisation, public or private, to digitally transform and offer its users better services with meaningful impact.

We are a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers, thinkers and problem solvers that work with our partners and clients to define their digital strategies and work with them to make them real

Who we are and what we do is defined by our culture and company values

Inspire trust

Irembo upholds the values of honesty, openness, fairness and reliability. We ensure that we are clear and transparent about how we work.

Work with passion

Passion is at the core of everything we do at Irembo. All of our employees are enthusiastic and genuinely care about the impact of their personal and collective work.

Continuously improve

At Irembo, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve. As a result, our team is always finding new approaches that will deliver better results. We’re always thinking ahead and searching for ways to not only grow ourselves, but how we can impact the company as a whole.

Lead by example

As Irembians, we take initiative and are willing to go above and beyond in the work we do. For us, leadership is not a position/title but a mindset and decision to take responsibility.

Delight users

Customer satisfaction is something we truly value, that’s why we ensure all our customers are happy and have their needs met. We ensure everything we do delivers value.

Our Leadership team

Israël Bimpe

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Atuhaire

Director of People & Culture

Leila Rwagasana

Director of Partnerships

Patrick Ndjientcheu

Ag Chief Product & Engineering Officer

Patrick Gategabondo

Chief Operations Officer

Richard Mutabazi

Director of Finance

Our Board of Directors

Didier Nkurikiyimfura

Chief Technology & Innovation, Smart Africa

Ken Wye Saw

CEO, CrimsonLogic

Amrote Abdella

General Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa at Amazon Web Services

Cherno Gaye

CEO, FinCity Investment Advisory

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