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IremboGov — All the public services you need in one place

Millions of people use public services every year. Families apply for health care. Travellers apply for visas. Too often, outdated tools and complex systems make these interactions frustrating. To improve these services, in 2015, we introduced our first product, IremboGov, a web and USSD platform that makes it easier for Rwandan citizens and foreigners to access over 100 public services anytime, anywhere and on any device.

what IremboGov offers

Business process management

On IremboGov, users have 24/7 access to apply for any of the 106 public services. Officers across the government can log in to process applications and send services straight to applicants' emails.

Simple, easy digital payments

Collecting money for governments is hard. We know how to do it through our payment platform that meets national accounting and reporting specificities and needs.

World class reporting and data analytics

Predictive analytics can help you improve your business. IremboGov provides business intelligence reports on usage and improvement potential.

We have digitized over 100 public services, making Rwanda a GovTech leader in Africa.



Working hours saved for Rwandan citizens traveling to and waiting in government offices across the country.


Reduction in service access time when introduced to IremboGov. Services take used to take 5 days, now takes 24 hours.


Of users pay for our services online. Leading the path to a cashless society and economy for Rwanda.


Agent strong network that helps users access our online services. Hey, that is 4000 new jobs!

Irembo is the digital transformation partner of choice for over 20 public agencies in Rwanda

Whether it is designing citizen-centered services or building payments, we know what it takes to deliver innovative digital solutions for our partners.

Digitising booking for motor vehicle inspection

The Rwanda National Police needed a more efficient way to manage booking appointments of over 10,000 annual motor vehicle inspections across various country inspection centers.

Building a citizen-centric experience for local government services in Rwanda.

Local government services such as “marriage certificates”, “birth certificates” and “certificates of being single” are some of the most requested services, contributing to over 20% of applications…

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