Product - 04 Sep 2021

Registration for driving tests – What is new?

Irembo is delighted to announce the re-opening of the registration of driving tests this September. This service enables citizens of age eager to be on the road, to comply with road traffic’s primary requirement: the possession of a valid driver’s license.

With the mission of building great products that meaningfully improve people’s lives, Irembo’s commitment to delight users and continuously improve experiences is a daily reality for a lifetime of service to the people.

For the past few months, the team worked with all the key stakeholders to ensure an uninterrupted and smooth experience for this highly requested service. Here are some of the things to look forward to:

Schedule your test ahead of time

We have worked with the Rwanda National Police to ensure you have access to schedules spanning throughout the year. You can select a future date making it easier to prepare and get ready for the exam day. Previously only a maximum of 3 months of slots was available making it hard to serve as many people as possible.

A simpler way to view available test dates

The calendar view when selecting the test date will now enable you to easily see all active dates to choose from. These are darker than the fully booked or inactive days. Beyond the current month, you are also able to navigate through future months and find a suitable date.

This will considerably increase visibility and ease your ability to select from a wider range of days in the shortest amount of time possible.  

Has your National ID changed in the process? It’s all good.

There have been instances where you lose your National ID after applying when sitting for the test or claiming your license, you take your latest ID but are not able to be authenticated. This challenge was addressed.

In case of loss, you can now use your new ID and seamlessly proceed with the process

A fairer ground for all applicants

A citizen is now allowed to hold one test appointment at a time, eliminating cases of individuals booking multiple slots while reducing the next person’s chance to get a slot. With an open schedule throughout the year, incase of failure everyone still stands a chance to re-apply to a next convenient and available time and centre.

There is more

Your experience will be faster and more stable with little to no interruption throughout the entire process of your application. We have worked tirelessly with key stakeholders to minimize multiple system dependencies and reduce interruptions considerably. Making services simple, and then make them simpler is not just a statement in our documents but our guiding compass. Your constant feedback draws us closer to that infinite destination every day.

By Patrick

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